Structural Integration (SI)

How do I begin?

Sheila offers a free 15-minute consultation.  Appointments are 60 minutes at a cost of $85.  For those 16 and under, $65 for a 60 minute session or $40 for 30 minutes.

Sheila does well with helping to correct adult spinal curvatures and now is branching out to help young people with scoliosis and other structural imbalances. 

The touch that Sheila uses is slow and deep and targeted to lengthen shortness in the connective tissue of your body.  You may be moving per Sheila's requests.  Treatment is given on a massage table or on a bench.  Every session includes back and neck work.

Structural Integration goes to the root of the problem and often permanently resolves it.  Structural Integration is very different from massage or Chiropractic, where continued treatment is required for indefinite period of time in order to maintain the benefits.