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Richard Lis - Findlay, OH

Being an avid golfer has taken its toll on my hips, back and legs. I have been disciplined about daily yoga and at least once a month massage. Yoga and massage have been beneficial to my flexibility and pain relief. However, I felt I needed additional help to improve my posture, alignment, and to straighten my legs. Spatial Therapy/Sheila Skipworth was introduced to me through my wife, who had been treated by Sheila. Following an initial treatment, I signed up for the structural integration - 12 Series. I completed the series in less than one year and now receive treatments for maintenance. The notable improvements in my posture, alignment and flexibility have had a positive effect on my health and athletic performance. I have found structural integration to be very beneficial and recommend the KMI – 12 series for all athletes.

Wendy Kheiry - Findlay, OH

Due to some old, untreated injuries, I had a significant limp when I walked. I also felt lopsided. Working with Sheila, I regained a great deal of straightness. This has improved my energy levels, my ability to exercise, and my overall comfort levels. Sheila is a caring person who provides a safe, comforting environment, explains what she is doing at each step and answers any questions fully. She is a joy to work with, and I'm happy with the outcome of my sessions. Thank you, Sheila!

Eliseo Escabedo - Findlay, OH

"Thank-you it's amazing how much better I am feeling since our Structural Integration session. You are amazing!"

Daye Harter - Findlay, OH

"FYI. Still feeling good following my Structural Session. The IT bands are much better and I am now able to do the maintenance stretching I used to do. Weight lifting with shoulders and arms has improved greatly. Thanks!!!"

Dave Davies - Findlay, OH

"Thank you for focusing on the hips in yoga yesterday. I felt much better yesterday and actually ran a couple of miles today pain free. I’ll be sure to take it easy as I try to get back in to my jogging program. Again thanks."

Deana - Findlay, OH

"I came to Sheila because I had hip and back pain as a result of my scoliosis. I started to feel better after just a few sessions, especially when I walk for exercise. The most exciting accomplishment is that I look straighter! My shoulders, hips and back look aligned and I feel more balanced. When I look in the mirror, the hump, which was on one side of my back due to the misalignment of my spine is almost gone and it is still gone, even though it has been two or three weeks since the last session. Sheila was very pleasant and enjoyed her work. She always took the time to explain what she was doing. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and co-workers (I would recommend her to my family too, if they live in Ohio.)"

Suzanne - Bowling Green, OH

"After working at a computer for many years, I experienced pain and stiffness in my neck and lower back, and my shoulders seemed to begin a permanent hunch. After my KMI series, my posture was noticeably straighter, and the pain and stiffness soon went away. The best part is that the benefits are long-lasting. I have continued to enjoy better posture and absence of pain, even though my last session was several months ago."

Janet - Kansas City, MO

"Thanks - dang sure wish you lived closer! That was really the best body work I have ever had - I seriously doubt I can find anyone who will do as good of work as you!"

Mark - Bowling Green, OH

"I am an academic, which means that I spend several hours a day for nine months a year on my feet. I had found that over the years I was beginning to develop severe back and leg pain. I first worked with Sheila on the KMI 3-Series and then later with the 12-Series. I not only found that Sheila was able to correct the years of damage I had done through my poor posture, but she was also able to show me how to stand and move so that I can now teach and not be in serious pain by the end of the week. What I learned about my body and how I had been mistreating it, was nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful to Sheila for her help and insight. She is a marvelous persona and professional."

Asa - Findlay, OH

"I enjoy many sports like water skiing and snow skiing that are tough on the body. I found that flexibility is key to avoiding injury and increasing performance. The yoga class and structural integration work that Sheila provides helped me improve my flexibility, become in tune with my body and let go of stress. Yoga is an engaging and constant challenge! I cannot recommend this activity enough and I only wish I had the discipline to practice yoga daily. My body feels better and even sitting behind the computer at work all day is more enjoyable."

Aleta - Findlay, OH

"The shoulder class yesterday was great! I have had pain in my right shoulder for quite some and after yesterday's class it felt much better."

Kathy - Findlay, OH

"An ongoing ankle issue prompted me to try KMI. Despite the use of a brace and exercises, it was painful all of the time. KMI strengthened my arches and corrected the issue. I am now able to enjoy walking and yoga again!"

Sharon Cole, MD - Findlay, OH

"I am a medical oncologist and examine people all day long. I have seen a fair number of patients where posture changes have improved quality of life. I am convinced this did not happen over night. I have always felt that intervention to improve posture could be helpful, and the earlier the better! I feel that KMI addresses this issue in a very helpful manner.

I have been doing KMI for two years. I have completed the twelve part series and now go for occasional maintenance treatments. My neck pain has resolved and my shoulders set back better. I think my hip flexibility has improved. The biggest difference has been my range of stretch in my Achilles tendon. I think this will prevent future ankle problems."

Janet - Findlay, OH

"I was certain something could be done about the ache in my lower back. I just could not find the person to help me with it. Some professionals could help somewhat, but could offer few suggestions of ways I could help myself. Then I attended my first KMI session with Sheila. Throughout the next 11 sessions she helped me understand my body and what it was telling me. In addition to her touch, she demonstrated ways and things I could do between sessions to enhance what we were doing together. I walk a little different now, sit a little different now and feel a lot different now! Thank you Sheila"

Kathleen - Bowling Green, OH

"I have been fortunate to be able to directly combine Sheila Skipworth's KMI with her yoga. The combination is maximizing my therapeutic benefits. And I'm learning so much! I'm able to finally understand that the habitual and other body postures that have seemed "natural" to me have, in fact, either caused or exacerbated some of my most persistent sources of pain. If only it hadn't taken so bloody long to find a gifted and discerning specialist. I truly appreciate her learning insight and professionalism."

Kathy - Findlay, OH

"Yoga has amazing relaxation benefits I never expected! It makes you feel good all over, like a massage does, but better because you can apply the teaching anywhere and anytime you feel stressed. Sheila's structural knowledge really enhances her yoga classes. She helped me learn to correct and prevent soreness caused from going about my other activities with poor form and posture. Better posture not only feels better but looks better - leading to a more confident appearance!"

Sherri - Findlay, OH

I've dabbled with yoga since 1972 when a friend and I purchased a home yoga study book. It wasn't until 20 years later that I became a true yoga devotee. I have studies with at least 14 different yoga instructors and have loved my journey. During much of it, I have watched Sheila grow from a shy, still girl to an incredible yoga master. her thirst for knowledge has taken her from yoga certification to massage therapy to KMI Structural Integration. Sheila has an innate ability to know her students needs and abilities better than the know themselves. her yoga classes are always revitalizing and exceed my expectations."

Dawn - Findlay, OH

"I have suffered from back pain for over 15 years, but was not diagnosed with herniated disc until 8 years ago, at which time I had a lumbar fusion done at L5-S1. While surgery helped reduce my pain, it by no means took it away. I have tried many different types of doctors, therapies, ointments, pills, etc. to help alleviate my pain and help me not take so many pain pills in one day. About a year ago I met Sheila. Even thought the pain is mostly located in my lower back, I quickly learned my entire body was out of alignment, making my pain even worse than it already was. Through many sessions and different attempts to work stubborn muscles, Sheila has helped me regain mobility and comfort that I did not have before. When you have hurt for as long as I have, any relief is so greatly appreciated. I highly recommend trying Spatial Therapy, regardless of whether the pain is chronic or new onset."